Coachella: Radiohead and Cold Weather

Thom Yorke, right, and Ed O'Brien of Radiohead perform during the band's headlining set

Coachella Music Festival: Day Two.


Saturday headliner Radiohead drew an enormous crowd that stretched half-way across the entire festival space. Before the show, even the typically aloof media and VIPs became an unruly horde while jockeying to get into a special stage-front corral. Radiohead played about 20 tracks, starting with “Bloom” and finishing with “Paranoid Android.”


If the thousands of music fans were expecting the usual blazing hot mid-Spring weather, they were sorely disappointed. Rain, hail, wind and even a little snow has been keeping a lot of music fans bundled up in the cars and tents. Maybe next weekend the weather will be as hot as some of the acts on stage.


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