Why should I upload my music video to Rock Walrus?
By uploading your music video to Rock Walrus, you get to see how well your songs will be received by an audience that not only includes your fans, but the fans of other musicians.
How do the music videos move up the player to get into the top 5 or to the #1 spot?
Music videos move up by the number of times the video is played. The more plays, the higher the song climbs up the charts.
How long will my song stay on the player?
Songs remain in the player for 21 days. During that time, you promote your songs to your fans. Get them to play your video as much as possible. The more plays, the higher your song goes up the charts.

What happens at the end of 21 days?
At the end of the 21 day cycle, all songs below the Top 5 are removed. The Top 5 songs have their counters re-set to zero and another 45 songs are added.
Will I be able to re-submit my music video?
Absolutely. Or you may upload a new song. However, each band or artist may have only one song in the player per 21 day cycle.
How does Rock Walrus make money?
Rock Walrus makes money from ad banner and pre-roll video ad banners. Please support us and our advertisers by taking a moment and clicking on their ads and looking at the services they offer.
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